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  2. Photos from my trip to New Orleans

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    "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

    Albert Einstein

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    Hey guys!

    I can’t go to sleep, unfortunately. A couple things are on my mind. This whole summer is racing threw my mind. The thoughts of college are scaring me, and this upcoming senior year is also EXTREMELY frightening. I mean, its my last year. That is depressing, even though I do hate my school. I’ve been with basically the same girls since kindergarten, which is pretty amazing, or horrible (depending on how you look at it). It has been 13 years, and we’ve finally made it to the end. The light is at the end of the tunnel, I’ve been waiting for this light since the end of 9th grade. 9th grade is the year when my world started spinning out of my control, and I had no idea how to reel everything back into place. I’ve done a pretty good job in taking back control over my life, however, this summer something happened that made me spin out of control again. Except its a different type of loss of control. Its like I’m numb, from feeling emotion. And I seem to be filling this emptiness with intoxication. I get drunk, forgetting the night. I get high, having this uncontrolled feeling I feel everyday. But I feel like if I’m intoxicated while I’m spinning out of control, I can blame it on that. But I know better than that. I know that drugs and alcohol are never the answer. But something still makes me take it almost every night of this summer. Its like the only time I can enter that part of my mind, that I have so closed off from the world and myself, is through intoxication. I guess you could say I’m entering a whole different mind level during my high. Well, I’m gonna head to bed. It was nice to get some things off my chest.

    Night crew!


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    WELL hello Kellan Lutz. You are beautiful. You could probably stare my clothes off….but only if you wanted to.

    WELL hello Kellan Lutz. You are beautiful. You could probably stare my clothes off….but only if you wanted to.

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    I am gonna miss you summer.

    I am gonna miss you summer.

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    This song is beautiful. It has gotten me through some hard times…Adele, you’re voice is simply perfectly natural in every way. When I hear her voice my heart literally starts to beat to her melody. Total zone out song. Listen to you forever and always.

    Ladies and Gents, I present to you Daydreamer by the talented Adele.

    xox crew


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    Panama or anywhere in Africa!



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